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Claris Server or FileMaker Server is essential to making your data both available and secure, but it can be challenging to install and configure. Mastering Claris & FileMaker Server will teach you both basic and advanced tips for working with your server.
If you need to set up a new server or troubleshoot issues with an existing server, you may need to sift through dozens of help docs, white papers, or online forum posts. In the Mastering Claris & FileMaker Server course, we consolidate the best practices from these resources and share practical insights from our experience as a FileMaker hosting company working with hundreds of servers.
With Mastering Claris & FileMaker Server, you will learn the ins and outs of installing and configuring both Claris Server and FileMaker Server. The topics include:

  • Install Claris Server on Linux
  • Install FileMaker Server on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Setup and install SSL certificates
  • Configure the server settings and establish proper connections
  • Troubleshoot and monitor server performance
  • Schedule backups
  • Create clone-only backups
  • Use command-line interface
  • Work with Server-Side Scripts
  • And much more! 

Who this course is for?

  • New developers: If you're working with the FileMaker or Claris platform, you’ll inevitably need to install, configure, manage, maintain, and monitor the server software. Instead of stumbling through online documentation and forums, this course will speed up your learning process.
  • Experienced FileMaker developers: Do you already know how to install FileMaker Server? While we address the basics in this course, we include hours of content tailored specifically to more complex server topics and troubleshooting techniques. The course has been expanded to include Claris Server and Linux installations.
  • IT specialists: If you’re responsible for managing the FileMaker Server or Claris Server software on your own hardware, but you're not a FileMaker developer, this course can help. Our lessons provide actionable how-tos and best practices to get you up and running quickly with a configuration that works best for you and your situation.

Are you looking for the FileMaker Server SSL Certificate Installation course? We completely revamped the original course to address much more than installing SSL certificates in FileMaker Server. If you’re an existing subscriber to the original course or the PCU University Bundle, you’re grandfathered in and will have immediate access to the content of this course.

Course Curriculum

For Mastering FileMaker Server

    1. About FileMaker Server (Overview)

    2. FileMaker Server Sizing and Machine Requirements

    3. Install FileMaker Server (Win)

    4. Install FileMaker Server (Mac)

    5. About Installing on Linux

    6. Install FileMaker Server On Linux

    7. Install Claris Server On Linux Server

    8. Set Timezone on the Server (Linux)

    9. FileMaker Server Ports (to configure security/firewall)

    10. Enable Custom Web Publishing and Install JRE

    11. Testing Server with FM Pro & FM Go

    12. Admin Console Overview

    13. Uploading Database Files (Using FileMaker)

    14. Uploading Database Files Manually (Win & Mac)

    15. Working With External Containers

    16. Getting Users Connected (URL Formats)

    17. Stopping and Starting the Server

    18. Chapter Resources (Links mentioned in this chapter)

    1. SSL Section Overview

    2. What is SSL and Why Do We Need It?

    3. SSL Certificate Types

    4. Purchase SSL Certificate and Domain

    5. CSR (Certificate Signing Request) Overview

    6. Create CSR

    7. Certificate Setup: Configuration with SSL Provider

    8. Download Validated Certificates From Provider

    9. Import Certificate Parts Into FileMaker Server

    10. Set up Domain to Point to FileMaker Server

    11. Test the SSL Cert with FileMaker

    12. Install SSL with FileMaker Server Linux

    13. Chapter Resources: (Links mentioned in this chapter)

    1. Database Files and Clients

    2. Configuration: General Settings

    3. Configuration: FileMaker Clients

    4. Configuration: Folders

    5. Configuration: Notifications

    1. Backups Overview

    2. Auto Backup and Preserved Backups

    3. On-Demand (Custom Backup Schedules)

    4. Progressive Backups

    5. "Clone Only" Backups

    6. Other Backup Options

    1. FileMaker Scripts and Verify Schedules Overview

    2. FileMaker Server-Side Scripts

    3. System Scripts

    4. System Scripts for MacOS

    5. Script Sequences

    6. Verify Files

    7. Load and Save Schedules

About this course

  • $149.00 / year
  • 101 lessons
  • 10.5 hours of video content


While Mastering Claris & FileMaker Server is great for both beginners and advanced FileMaker professionals, we do recommend the following prerequisites for the course: 

  1. You have a good understanding of FileMaker development, file structure, and scripting. 
  2. Access to Claris Pro and Claris Server (if working the Claris Platform)
  3. Access to FileMaker Pro 19 or higher (or a trial version) and FileMaker Server 19 or higher (if working with the FileMaker Platform)
  4. Access to a computer/server compatible with the Pro/Server version that you have
  5. SSL installation requires a paid SSL certificate from a third party and a hosted public domain to bind it to.
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5 star rating

Detailed and unbeatable explanations

Juan Sans

5 star rating


Russell Haney

Great video's and to the point

Great video's and to the point

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5 star rating


ziouani idir

time + energy saver course , highly commanded

time + energy saver course , highly commanded

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5 star rating

To the Point

Sayed Bondok

I was waiting some courses like these practical ones - really I've never seen similar videos. Thanks

I was waiting some courses like these practical ones - really I've never seen similar videos. Thanks

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5 star rating

FileMaker Server SSL Certificate Installation

Alex Mitchell

Very productive. thank you. Got a "green" lock icon!

Very productive. thank you. Got a "green" lock icon!

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Your Instructor

President/CEO/Founder Productive Computing, Inc. Marc Larochelle

Starting in 1991, Marc worked for the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) for 5 years and built the trade show database in FileMaker which tracked 1000 exhibitors and 12 football fields worth of exhibit space. NAMM is one of the world’s largest trade shows and FileMaker was keeping track of everything. While at NAMM, Marc taught computer classes at night helping users with their Macintosh, MS Word, Excel, etc. In addition, he taught music/multimedia classes at local community colleges. Marc Larochelle and his brother Keith started Productive Computing, Inc. (PCI) in 1996. The company, now in its twenty-seventh year, serves customers who use Claris FileMaker and QuickBooks in the areas of custom development, solutions, plug-ins, hosting, and licensing. Marc is certified in FileMaker versions 7 through 19, and he also holds two certifications in AWS (Amazon Web Services). Marc has been to 19 FileMaker DevCon/Engage conferences (18 as an exhibitor) and is considered a prime instructor and influencer within the Claris FileMaker community. 

Mastering FileMaker Server

Install, configure, and maintain FileMaker Server with confidence, no matter your current skill level.