What You Can Expect

  • Take the Leap

    This is a great introduction to the world of AWS. Perfect for first timers or Macintosh users in need of a virtual PC

  • Valuable Skills

    You will develop and learn new skills using the latest cloud technology to keep your value relevant.

  • Succeed Efficiently

    This course is the fastest and most effective way to be introduced to AWS as a professional FileMaker developer.

Course Overview and Benefits

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  • $299.00 first payment, $199.00 / year onwards

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Course Curriculum

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    1. About AWS Part 1

    2. About AWS Part 2

    3. Chapter Resources: (Links mentioned in this chapter)

    1. Create Your AWS Account

    2. Logging in the First Time and Overview

    3. AWS Root Access Versus User Access

    4. Chapter Resources: (Links mentioned in this chapter)

    1. Remote Desktop Software

    2. AWS: Create Your EC2 Instance

    3. AWS: Connect to Your Instance

    4. AWS: Configure Your Instance

    5. Remote Desktop Software (additional features)

    6. AWS Snapshots, Clones, and Backups (part 1)

    7. AWS Snapshots, Clones, and Backups (part 2)

    1. AWS Billing Part 1

    2. AWS Billing Part 2 (Simple Monthly Calculator)

    3. AWS Billing (Actual bill review)

    4. AWS Billing Info and Links

    1. Congratulations for Finishing the Course!

    2. Productive Computing Products and Services


About this course

  • $59.00 / year
  • 25 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Great series of videos!

Stephen Brouillard

Professional presentation and very well done ... looking forward to more!

Professional presentation and very well done ... looking forward to more!

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5 star rating

Solid intro to AWS

Jeff Pellet

The course is a solid intro to setting up an AWS EC2 instance for use with FileMaker. I wish it went into a bit more detail on the AMIs and scheduling regul...

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The course is a solid intro to setting up an AWS EC2 instance for use with FileMaker. I wish it went into a bit more detail on the AMIs and scheduling regular snapshots. That said, it was a quick and well designed course explaining all the basics needed to get immediate value from AWS EC2 resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this course cover how to set up FileMaker Cloud on AWS?

    No. This course covers setting up your first AWS account all the way through to setting up your first virtual desktop (EC2 computer). The course goes on to show you how to configure security, get connected and many other ins and outs of the AWS world as it relates to you the FileMaker developer.

  • Is this course Windows based, Mac based or both?

    Technically, AWS is generally considered a Windows environment, but can be ran virtually on Mac. The AWS instance can be accessed from a Windows computer, a Macintosh or any other device capable of controlling a virtual machine. Incidentally, this course was taught from the viewpoint of the developer having a Macintosh where AWS could double both as their development environment as much as it can be their Windows environment.

  • I already have an AWS account and have created EC2 instances, do I need to take this course?

    Initially this course may be too basic for you. As it expands over time, it is likely to evolve to a much more in-depth course covering many other aspect of AWS well beyond setting up an EC2 instance.

  • I just started with FileMaker, will I succeed with this course?

    Yes! This course is perfect for FileMaker beginners (and certainly AWS beginners as well). This course is specifically designed to get you started on the right foot with your FileMaker developer environment regardless of your FileMaker development skills. Please know that this course does NOT attempt to train you on anything related to FileMaker development specifically. Rather, it trains you on how to set up a FileMaker environment only.

  • How much is AWS going to cost me?

    Either nothing for the first year or very little. AWS has a free tier good for 12 months with every new account and as such, many, if not all, of the services will be completely free of charge during that time frame. It's just a matter of selecting the services that fall under the free tier. This course will guide you towards those free options. It's highly likely that if you set up a new AWS account and follow along closely, there will be absolutely no charge for AWS for the first year. If you already have an AWS account, you are likely familiar with the pricing of AWS. There is an area on the course that discusses AWS pricing.

  • Will this course have updates?

    The course will be an ever-evolving offering that starts with the basics at first and then later throughout each year, more content will be added.

  • Why is this course a yearly subscription instead of a one-time fee for life?

    This course will be continuously evolving, updating and improving. The world of AWS and FileMaker is in a continual state of flux and improvement. As such, new tools and features become available and can be explored in this course. In addition, there is a never ending opportunity to present additional aspects of AWS as it related to FileMaker development.


  1. You have access to a recent model computer that runs Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

  2. If you plan on developing using FileMaker, then you'll likely want to use a licensed copy of FileMaker 17 or higher. (If you have a slightly older version of FileMaker, that's fine, but the course will use FileMaker 17). Note that no development is taught in this course, we focus solely on the environment aspects of FileMaker development)

  3. An AWS account (free AWS tier account is fine)

  4. You have a good understanding of FileMaker development and scripting

Your Instructor

President/CEO/Founder Productive Computing, Inc. Marc Larochelle

Starting in 1991, Marc worked for the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) for 5 years and built the trade show database in FileMaker which tracked 1000 exhibitors and 12 football fields worth of exhibit space. NAMM is one of the world’s largest trade shows and FileMaker was keeping track of everything. While at NAMM, Marc taught computer classes at night helping users with their Macintosh, MS Word, Excel, etc. In addition, he taught music/multimedia classes at local community colleges. Marc Larochelle and his brother Keith started Productive Computing, Inc. (PCI) in 1996. The company now in its twenty-second year, serves customers who use FileMaker and QuickBooks in the areas of custom development, solutions, plug-ins, hosting and licensing. Marc is certified in FileMaker versions 7 through 18 and he also holds a certification in AWS (Amazon Web Services). Marc has been to 19 FileMaker DevCons (18 as an exhibitor) and is considered a prime influencer within the FileMaker community. 

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