What's new with Claris FileMaker?

As the Claris FileMaker platform evolves, it can be challenging to keep track of what's new, understand what's changed, and determine how new features can be applied to your solution or your development work. We have these same questions and create videos on our YouTube channel to discuss the new and relevant features for each version. Since it can be nice to have all this information in one place, we created this course. 

In addition to the FileMaker version updates, we have gathered a selection of FileMaker tips and tricks videos that offer a free fully unlocked FileMaker file for you to get started with your own development projects.

Free FileMaker Resources

See a variety of tips and sample files to help you with your Claris FileMaker development.

If you are brand new to the world of APIs, our sample files are the perfect place to start exploring the possibilities. They show you how to make the initial connection and do a simple pull of data. To learn more about working with APIs in FileMaker, sign up for our API Fundamentals course or explore API basics in our blog post.

Connect FileMaker with the Calendly API

Do you depend on your calendar daily to schedule client meetings, plan your day and navigate your workflow? If you aren’t using Calendly already, you’ll find it’s an invaluable way to share your availability with customers and ensure that you don’t get double booked. 

But what if you have a calendar in FileMaker too? If you want to see your full schedule, you can easily pull all your meetings into FileMaker with the free Calendly API so that all your meeting details are in your solution, boosting efficiency and saving you time!

Watch the video lesson and download our sample file to learn how to connect FileMaker with Calendly. 

Connect FileMaker to Freshdesk API

If you use customer support software to keep track of tasks, discover how you can better manage both your time and tickets by connecting Freshdesk to FileMaker with the Freshdesk API and our free unlocked sample file.

Setting up this API connection will help you simplify the client experience by increasing the speed of ticket automation, giving clients control of ordering requests, and providing ticketing agents with more automation to understand customer needs.

Connect FileMaker with the Weather API

How do you add weather info to FileMaker? For many businesses or industries, having access to up-to-date weather conditions is critical to business operations. Learn how you can provide a location and get the current weather along with daily and hourly forecasts. 

The file includes several pieces of weather information including temperature, humidity, the chance of precipitation, wind, and an icon representing the weather status. 

Creating QR Codes with FileMaker and an API

Learn how to create QR codes in FileMaker using the QR Code Generator API with our free sample file to use for your own development. It will allow you to start with a base URL and then provide text to encode. You can choose the size of your QR code – from very small to over 1,000 characters – and include your business logo and colors.

Created in 1994, the QR code has taken off in popularity in recent years with businesses and organizations worldwide, enabling them to share a lot of information in a small two-dimensional barcode. Read more about QR codes in our blog.

Improving FileMaker Quick Find Searches & Portal Filter Performance

YouTube and Google have spoiled users with instant adaptive results with every character typed. FileMaker users can have that same kind of experience with just a few simple script steps. In this video and sample file, we demonstrate a simple way to have a dynamic quick find or portal filter with a keystroke script trigger in FileMaker. Read the blog to learn more.

FileMaker Add-ons

FileMaker's ability to incorporate JavaScript add-ons opens up many opportunities for improving your FileMaker development and enhancing your FileMaker solution. We created a series of videos covering the fundamentals and discussing each add-on available with your FileMaker license. You will learn how to install, configure, set up sample data, and more.

FileMaker 19

Perhaps the biggest feature of FileMaker 19 is the JavaScript add-on capability (as mentioned above). In addition, FileMaker 19 greatly enhances your ability to send and receive JavaScript calls to the FileMaker web viewer. For Mac users, there is now support for Core ML, dark mode, and a modern drag and drop installer.

FileMaker 18

FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced introduces a series of new features including a new user interface for importing data, the ability to open an app at launch, script steps to write log files, a brand new "while" function to streamline your loops, and new and improved security features. 

FileMaker 17

The FileMaker 17 release brought a number of new features for FileMaker Pro including the Master Detail layout, Add-on Tables, Group Object selection, and more. FileMaker Go functionality became more powerful and versatile with the release of Configure Local Notifications, FileMaker Go Sensors, and Text Notifications for Field Personnel.

Course Curriculum

    1. Overview

    2. About PCI and Marc

    3. How To Use This Course

    4. Course Version History

    1. Connect FileMaker to the Weather API

    2. Create QR Codes in FileMaker with the QR Code Generator API

    3. Connect FileMaker to the Freshdesk API

    4. Connect FileMaker to Calendly API

    1. Dynamic Quick Find and Portal Filter

    2. Setting Up a Dynamic Data Source in FileMaker

    3. How to Send Email From FileMaker (Plain Text and HTML)

    1. Fundamentals for using FileMaker JavaScript Add-ons

    2. Using a Kanban board

    3. Using the Calendar

    4. Extending the Functionality of the Calendar Add-on

    5. Extending the Calendar (Close Window and Delete Options)

    6. Using the Barcode Generator

    7. Using the Rich Text Editor

    8. Using the Calendar Heatmap

    9. Using the Photo Gallery

    10. Using the Activity Timeline

    11. Using Simple Charts

    12. Working with the Timer

    13. Measure Your FileMaker Server Latency Speeds

    14. Extend the FileMaker Kanban Add-on: Learn how to Add and Delete Cards

    15. Create Thousands of Barcodes with a FileMaker Add-ons

    16. Using Barcode Add-ons for New Records with Unique Serial Numbers

    1. PRO: New Features

    1. PRO: New Features

    2. PRO: App Launcher - Custom Desktop Shortcut

    3. PRO: FileMaker Pro 19.1.2 Update Overview

    4. PRO: FileMaker Pro 19.1.3 Update Overview

    5. PRO: FileMaker Pro 19.2.1 Update Overview

    6. PRO: FileMaker Pro 19.6 Overview

    7. SERVER: FileMaker Server 19.6 Overview

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