The Developer Essentials for Claris FileMaker Exam is infamously difficult to study for and pass. Even though you might be knowledgeable on all things FileMaker, the certification exam requires you to be good at test-taking, too. 

When it comes to certification success, practice makes perfect. That’s why the FileMaker experts at Productive Computing University created the FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course. 

This 200-question practice course will help you study the most relevant concepts before test day. Rely on our course to spend your time studying the subjects that matter most.

Although this course isn’t based on copies of exam questions, they are based on the Claris-provided FileMaker study guide as well as our team’s experience taking the exam. 

Don’t retake the certification exam over and over. Enroll in the FileMaker Sample Questions course to boost your confidence and study smarter.  

We also offer the FileMaker Certification Preparation video-based course that gives provides over 19-hours of informative content that gets you test-ready. 

Interested in a sampler? Have a look at the FREE overview course. This overview talks about why FileMaker certification is important, the benefits for developers, and how you should get started with your test preparation. 

Ready to get started? Purchase the FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course as a stand-alone course, add in the Preparation course if you want an in-depth review, or get both when you purchase the University Bundle and gain access to all courses available through PCU.

How it Works

  • Sign up for the FileMaker Certification Sample Questions Course.

  • Take a series of quizzes organized by the knowledge domains of the actual FileMaker exam.

  • See which questions you answered correctly. Productive Computing University includes links to files, images, or documents for every answer so you can understand where the correct answer came from.

  • Review the course and questions as many times as you want before test day.

The FileMaker Certification Sample Questions Course versus The FileMaker Certification Preparation Course

Productive Computing University offers two courses to best prepare you for the FileMaker exam. Our flagship course, FileMaker Certification Preparation, focuses on concepts and components of FileMaker and how they interact. This is a self-guided prep course without tests on the actual material. If you’re ready to assess your FileMaker knowledge, the FileMaker Certification Sample Questions Course is right for you. It includes 200 example questions to test your knowledge. You’re free to take either course independently, but your chances of passing increase significantly when you take the two courses combined. Learn more about Productive Computing University’s FileMaker exam options.

Your Instructors

President/CEO/Founder Productive Computing, Inc. Marc Larochelle

Starting in 1991, Marc worked for the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) for 5 years and built the trade show database in FileMaker which tracked 1000 exhibitors and 12 football fields worth of exhibit space. NAMM is one of the world’s largest trade shows and FileMaker was keeping track of everything. While at NAMM, Marc taught computer classes at night helping users with their Macintosh, MS Word, Excel, etc. In addition, he taught music/multimedia classes at local community colleges. Marc Larochelle and his brother Keith started Productive Computing, Inc. (PCI) in 1996. The company, now in its twenty-seventh year, serves customers who use Claris FileMaker and QuickBooks in the areas of custom development, solutions, plug-ins, hosting, and licensing. Marc is certified in FileMaker versions 7 through 19, and he also holds two certifications in AWS (Amazon Web Services). Marc has been to 19 FileMaker DevCon/Engage conferences (18 as an exhibitor) and is considered a prime instructor and influencer within the Claris FileMaker community. 

Why Do I Need This Course?

Not sure if a FileMaker prep course is right for you? Productive Computing University’s students are raving about the benefits of our sample question course.

  • Build your confidence

    Don’t go into the FileMaker certification exam blind. The FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course allows you to test your knowledge before you step foot in a testing room. With more than two exams’ worth of questions, you can confirm your mastery of important topics and feel more confident in your knowledge.

  • Practice with a similar level of difficulty

    The FileMaker Certification Sample Questions Course is designed to mimic the layout and difficulty of the real exam. In fact, some students say it’s harder than the real thing!

  • Improve your chances of passing

    We can’t guarantee you’ll pass the FileMaker certification exam after taking this prep course. However, Productive Computing University structured this course to set you up for success. Every practice quiz is graded with a score at the end so you can see your correct and incorrect answers, along with Claris resources backing up each answer.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. How To Use This Course

    3. Important Changes About the Test

    4. Course Version History

    1. 1. [20 Questions] (Defining DB Schema)

    2. 2. [40 Questions] (Building Layouts)

    3. 3. [50 Questions] (Working With Calcs)

    4. 4. [35 Questions] (Working with Scripts)

    5. 5. [20 Questions] (Securing FM System)

    6. 6. [20 Questions] (Deploying FM Systems)

    7. 7. [20 Questions] (Data Integration)

    1. Productive Computing Products and Services

About this course

  • $99.00 / year
  • 12 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there requirements for taking this course?

    Yes. You need 3 things to enroll in the FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course: 1. Access to a Windows or Mac operating system or iOS device. 2. You have a licensed copy of version 19 of FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server. 3. You understand basic FileMaker terminology. You should also be familiar with all aspects of the FileMaker platform, including FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker WebDirect.

  • How many questions does the test course include?

    The test exam includes 200 sample questions that are just as difficult (if not more) as the certification exam. The real exam is 65 questions, so you’re getting more than 2 exams’ worth of questions with the FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course.

  • Can I see which questions I got wrong?

    Yes. At the end of every quiz, you’ll receive a grade as well as an overview of which questions you got right or wrong. It also includes links, images, or files for every question providing background details for the correct answer.

  • How do I access the course?

    After enrolling in Productive Computing University, you’ll have access to the course through your student portal.

  • Do I have to take this course to pass the exam?

    No. However, this prep course can significantly reduce your study time, increase retention, and give you a better return on how you spend your time preparing for the exam.

*Simply watching this course does not guarantee you will pass the FileMaker Certification exam. Mastery of the necessary skills requires attentive engagement and additional individual action to validate your comprehension. The viewer is responsible for their own ability to demonstrate the knowledge learned to pass the exam.

Practice Makes Perfect

Enroll now to greatly increase your chance of passing the FileMaker exam.