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Passing the FileMaker Certification exam can be challenging for even the most experienced developers who use FileMaker day-to-day in their work. Taking the FileMaker Certification exam can seem daunting when looking through the study guide and recommended study materials. Passing the test requires a deep and thorough understanding of the entire FileMaker platform. We have two options for you!

Our FileMaker Certification Test Preparation course will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to properly study for and pass the exam. While we don't have any of the exam questions nor do we teach to the test, we extrapolate and expand on the information provided in the FileMaker Certification Study Guide. Our videos utilize visual aids, engaging examples, and the best memory techniques to help you retain and recall the information during your exam. 

The FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course gives you access to 200 sample questions to help better prepare for the exam. Work through the series of questions and re-take them as often as needed. 

This overview talks about why FileMaker certification is important, the benefit to you as a developer, and how you should get started with your test preparation. 

Each FileMaker Certification course covers all sections of the exam. 

  • Defining Database Schema: 10 - 15%

  • Building Layouts: 10 - 15%

  • Working with Calculations: 15 - 20%

  • Writing Scripts: 15 - 20%

  • Securing FileMaker Systems: 10 - 15%

  • Deploying Custom Apps: 10 - 15%

  • Data Integration: 5 - 10%

FileMaker Certification Preparation

We've designed the FileMaker Certification Exam Preparation course to cover the eight sections of the exam. Each section is discussed and weighted appropriately for its significance on the test.

Course Curriculum

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    1. Welcome to Certification Preparation

    2. How To Use This Course

    3. About Stuart Hite / Productive Computing

    4. What is Certification?

    5. Study Guide

    6. Important Changes About the Test

    7. Exam Details

    8. Certification Course

    9. FAQ

    10. Course Version History

    1. Sample lessons from the complete course

    2. Defining Database Schema: Field Validation Question

    3. Context

    4. Evaluate ()

    5. Filter ()

    6. GetContainerAttribute()

    7. Let ()

    8. Trim ()

    9. Control Scripts: Install OnTimer Script

    10. Navigation: Go To Related Record

    11. Records: Truncate Table Question 8

    12. Security Functions: Account versus Current Privileges

    13. Saving vs Exporting

    14. Final Thoughts on Certification Preparation

    15. Productive Computing Products and Services

About this course

  • Free
  • 25 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Course Reviews

5 star rating

To the Point

Sayed Bondok

As usual, you guys saved me hours surfing the globe to get the information needed to be FM certified. You summarized the subject with no knowledge missing. T...

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As usual, you guys saved me hours surfing the globe to get the information needed to be FM certified. You summarized the subject with no knowledge missing. Thanks again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to take this course to pass the FileMaker Certification exam?

    No. However, it is our experience and belief that this course significantly reduces the necessary study time and increases the overall retention rate of all of the information studied which gives you a better return on investment of your time spent.

  • Why should I get certified if my current company/employer does not require it?

    Continually improving your skills can increase job security. Employers generally like to see employees striving for maximum productivity, not minimal effort. Additionally, you will be more attractive to potential employers if you are certified.

  • Is the course really worth the price of the bundle?

    We think so. Not only do you get our entire 8 part series of FileMaker Certification Test Prep, but you also get access to every other course on the site. On top of that, being a FileMaker certified developer not only makes you more employable and attractive to new clients, but also ensures you know the entire platform and you have the skills needed to handle more complex projects.


  1. You have a working copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced 18 or higher.
  2. You have a working server with FileMaker Server 18 or higher installed
  3. You have access to an iOS device and the FileMaker Go app
  4. You are using a compatible Windows or Mac computer and server
  5. You have a good understanding of FileMaker development and scripting. You understand basic FileMaker terminology and you are familiar with all aspects of the FileMaker platform - FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker WebDirect.

Course Disclaimer

Simply watching this course does not guarantee passing of the FileMaker Certification exam.

Mastery of the necessary skills requires attentive engagement and additional individual action to validate comprehension.

The viewer is responsible for their own ability to demonstrate the knowledge learned to pass the exam.

Your Instructors

Instructional Design Specialist Stuart Hite

Stuart has been developing software for over 30 years, starting long before earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in 1992. For over 14 years, he was the primary in-house FileMaker developer and the top nationwide instructor for a large education organization. He has been featured in hundreds of live and online courses on many different topics. He now gets to combine his passion for teaching and love of software development into one. “I love breaking down complex projects into simple tangible concepts in a fun way. Knowing that the student is going to be able to accomplish so much more in less time after my course brings a lot of fulfillment.” - Stuart Hite, Instructional Design Specialist, Productive Computing, Inc.

President/CEO/Founder Productive Computing, Inc. Marc Larochelle

Starting in 1991, Marc worked for the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) for 5 years and built the trade show database in FileMaker which tracked 1000 exhibitors and 12 football fields worth of exhibit space. NAMM is one of the world’s largest trade shows and FileMaker was keeping track of everything. While at NAMM, Marc taught computer classes at night helping users with their Macintosh, MS Word, Excel, etc. In addition, he taught music/multimedia classes at local community colleges. Marc Larochelle and his brother Keith started Productive Computing, Inc. (PCI) in 1996. The company, now in its twenty-seventh year, serves customers who use Claris FileMaker and QuickBooks in the areas of custom development, solutions, plug-ins, hosting, and licensing. Marc is certified in FileMaker versions 7 through 19, and he also holds two certifications in AWS (Amazon Web Services). Marc has been to 19 FileMaker DevCon/Engage conferences (18 as an exhibitor) and is considered a prime instructor and influencer within the Claris FileMaker community. 

Prepare Yourself for FileMaker Certification

Use this course to prepare yourself to pass the FileMaker Certification exam as quickly as possible!