What You Can Expect

  • Gain Knowledge

    Learn how to properly integrate FileMaker with Microsoft Outlook - Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes.

  • Strengthen FileMaker

    Add functionality to your solution by pushing and pulling data between your FileMaker app and Microsoft Outlook.

  • Learn Efficiently

    With video instruction and hands-on homework, you’ll quickly learn how to master the Outlook Manipulator plug-in.

Watch the overview video

Stuart and Marc explain the benefits of the course.

Course curriculum

    1. Setting the Stage

    2. Outlook Setup

    3. Download, Install, and Register the Outlook Manipulator plug-in

    4. The First Script you MUST Have

    5. Introduction to Folders

    6. The Second Script you MUST Have (Working with Folders)

    7. Extracting Folder Data

    8. Summary and Homework

    9. Setup (More info and Links)

    10. Sample Download File

    11. Mac Template

    1. Outlook Contacts Overview

    2. Standard Contact Push part 1

    3. Standard Contact Push part 2

    4. Standard Contact Push part 3

    5. Standard Push with Outlook ID

    6. Standard Pull One wID

    7. Delete an Outlook Contact with FileMaker

    8. Push a set of Contacts

    9. Pull Set w/ IDs to FileMaker from Outlook

    10. Pull All Contacts from Outlook

    11. Contact Summary and Homework

    12. Sample FileMaker File

    1. Outlook Calendar Overview

    2. Standard Push Calendar part 1

    3. Standard Push Calendar part 2

    4. Pull Calendar wID

    5. Delete Calendar Event

    6. Push and Pull Calendar Sets

    7. Calendar Advanced Applications

    8. Calendar Summary and Homework

    9. Sample FileMaker File

    1. Outlook Mail Overview

    2. Mail Methods and Table

    3. Send Mail Shortcut

    4. Mail Send Long Version

    5. Mail Pull All

    6. Delete Mail

    7. Draft Messages

    8. Mail Advanced Applications

    9. Mail Summary and Homework

    10. Sample FileMaker File

    1. Outlook Tasks Overview

    2. Task Push, Pull, Delete

    3. Sample FileMaker File

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  • 66 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content
  • $299.00 / year

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need to take this course to learn how to use the Outlook Manipulator plug-in?

    No. You can learn how to perform integrations between FileMaker and Outlook using the Outlook Manipulator plug-in just by using our free tools, such as our Developer's Guide and Functions Guide (over 75 pages of documentation) and the plug-in demo file. However, this course was created to significantly save you time - especially if you've never done anything like this before. This course will track your progress and train you step-by-step, even if this is your first time using a plug-in. There are a great many people who prefer to learn by way of video training versus reading documentation​ or reverse engineering demo files. We see this method of training as a growing trend on how people prefer (and now expect) to learn.

  • I just started with FileMaker, will I succeed with this course?

    The FileMaker to Outlook course is designed for beginner through advanced FileMaker developers and it's not required that you know anything about plug-ins. We recommend that you know how to work with relationships and scripts before signing up. There are plenty of courses online to learn the basics of FileMaker. A great benefit of the video course is being able to pause, rewind, or reference any section over and over as needed. In addition, there is a downloadable sample FileMaker file in the course that can help you to understand the content.

  • Do I need to purchase the Outlook Manipulator plug-in prior to joining this course?

    You could take the course using nothing more than a 30-day demo of the Outlook Manipulator plug-in. However, it would be far more convenient to use a fully licensed version of the Outlook Manipulator. Ultimately, any user who plans on doing Outlook integrations from their own desktop will need a fully licensed version of the plug-in. Note: the demo expires after 30 days and also becomes disabled after 2 hours of continuous use. You can reset the hourly clock by quitting FileMaker and getting back in.

  • Will this course have updates?

    The course will be an ever-evolving offering that starts with the basics at first and then later, throughout each year, more content will be added.

  • Why is this course a yearly subscription instead of a one-time fee for life?

    This course will be continuously evolving, updating and improving. We realize that some will want to keep their subscription renewed every year for continual reference, new content and lessons on updated plug-in features.

  • Do I need the whole course if I am only integrating one part of Outlook (i.e. just the Calendar portion)?

    Most of the concepts are very similar for each part of Outlook. However, the course is structured to be viewed in consecutive order from start to finish by building on principles from previous lessons. Each module covers specifics for that category as well as advanced applications that can apply to all sections.

  • If I get stuck while trying to do my own integration for my company or for a customer, will there be free help provided?

    Yes and no. All questions will be read by the instructor where a determination will be made if help can be provided immediately (for free) or if the issue involves a much more labor intense answer therefore possibly requiring paid support. In general, help is always available from Productive Computing to answer the simplest question or to go further by providing professional consultation or even assist with the full integration. It has been our experience that it's not unusual for even the most advanced developers to ask for a helping hand every now and again.​


  1. You have a working copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 or higher

  2. You are using a compatible Windows computer

  3. You have at least an intermediate knowledge of FileMaker to the point you can create fields, layouts, relationships, portals, calculations, and scripts. Much of this course will have us building files, scripts layouts, and such from scratch but those parts where we build FileMaker schema will go by quickly. In other words, this course will not show you how to use FileMaker but rather how to take what you already know about FileMaker and apply that to using the Outlook Manipulator plug-in and making connections to Outlook. There are many online courses available to learn FileMaker if you need to learn that first.

  4. You have access to an Outlook account through Microsoft Outlook or Exchange.

Your Instructor

Instructional Design Specialist Stuart Hite

Stuart has been developing software for over 30 years, starting long before earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in 1992. For over 14 years, he was the primary in-house FileMaker developer and the top nationwide instructor for a large education organization. He has been featured in hundreds of live and online courses on many different topics. He now gets to combine his passion for teaching and love of software development into one. “I love breaking down complex projects into simple tangible concepts in a fun way. Knowing that the student is going to be able to accomplish so much more in less time after my course brings a lot of fulfillment.” - Stuart Hite, Instructional Design Specialist, Productive Computing, Inc.

Become an Outlook Manipulator Expert

Master the advanced stills to properly integrate FileMaker with Microsoft Outlook.