What You Can Expect

  • Gain Knowledge

    You will gain the knowledge to properly integrate FileMaker with QuickBooks to "push" and "pull" data.

  • Valuable Skills

    You will develop valuable skills that you can market and sell to your customers/users many times over.

  • Succeed Efficiently

    This course is the fastest and most effective way to learn how to master the FM Books Connector plug-in.

Course Overview and Benefits

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Course Curriculum

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  • 3
    The Basics (foundational information before you get started)
    • Working With the Documentation
    • How FM Books Works (Lists & Transactions)
    • How FM Books Works (Request & Response)
    • QuickBooks Schema
    • Using the Intuit OSR (Online Screen Reference) - Part 1
    • Using the Intuit OSR (Online Screen Reference) - Part 2
    • Plug-in Functions
    • Scripting to Create, Post and Parse Requests & Responses
    • Working with Older Versions of FileMaker
    • Additional Info
  • 4
    Overview of QuickBooks
    • QuickBooks Versions and Pricing (Desktop vs Online)
    • Getting Around On QuickBooks
    • QuickBooks Versions and Pricing Links
  • 5
    Pushing Customers to QuickBooks
    • Pushing a Customer (Part 1)
    • Pushing a Customer (Part 2)
    • Pushing a Customer [Additional Contact Information] (Part 3)
    • Pushing a Customer [Additional Contact Information] (Part 4)
    • Pushing a Customer as a Job (Part 5)
    • QB Enterprise VS QB Premier (things to watch out for)
    • Editing a Customer (Part 1)
    • Editing a Customer (Part 2)
    • Editing a Customer [Additional Contact Info] (Part 3)
    • Editing a Customer [Additional Contact Info] (Part 4)
    • Deleting a Customer
    • Directly "Open" a QB Record from FileMaker
    • Recap and Sample FileMaker File
  • 6
    Pushing Invoices to QuickBooks
    • Developing Directly on a Mac (with the FM Books Plug-in Template)
    • Pushing an Invoice (Part 1)
    • Pushing an Invoice (Part 2)
    • Pushing an Invoice (Part 3)
    • Editing an Invoice (Part 1)
    • Editing an Invoice (Part 2)
    • Delete and Void an Invoice
    • Recap and Sample FileMaker File
  • 7
    Pull Customers from QuickBooks
    • Pull Customers (Part 1) [Single customer - pull balance]
    • Pull Customers (Part 2) [All customers active status]
    • Pull Customers (Part 3) [Date modified by range]
    • Pull Customers (Part 4) [StartsWith, EndsWith, Contains]
    • Pull Customers (Part 5) [Limit Response Data]
    • Pull Customers (Part 6A) [Putting it all together]
    • Pull Customers (Part 6B) [Putting it all together]
    • Recap and Sample FileMaker File
  • 8
    Pulling Transactions
    • Pulling Multiple Transaction Types (Part 1)
    • Pulling Multiple Transaction Types (Part 2)
    • Integration Strategies
    • Sample FileMaker File
  • 9
    Thank you, Congratulations and Other Services


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need to take this course to learn how to use the FM Books Connector plug-in?

    No. In fact, many people have learned how to perform integrations between FileMaker and QuickBooks using the FM Books Connector plug-in just by using our free tools such as the documentation and demo files. However, this course was created to significantly save you time - especially if you've never done anything like this before. This course will track your progress and train you step-by-step, even if this is your first time using a plug-in. There are a great many people who prefer to learn by way of video training versus reading the documentation​ or reverse engineering demo files. We see this method of training as a growing trend on how people prefer (a