What You Can Expect

  • Smart Integration

    Learn how to properly integrate FileMaker with QuickBooks Online. Avoid costly mistakes with online training.

  • Crucial Skills

    Develop skills for Mac, Win, and FileMaker Server integrations and learn proper QuickBooks terminology.

  • Efficient Learning

    This course is the most effective and efficient way to learn how to master the FM Books Connector Online plug-in.

Course Overview and Benefits

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Course Curriculum

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  • 3
    Foundational Elements
    • Clear End Result
    • Working With the Documentation
    • Using the QuickBooks Online Documentation
    • Two Methods, Same Result
    • The First Script You Must Have
    • Summary and Homework
    • Sample FileMaker QuickSilver File
  • 4
    Communication with QuickBooks Online
    • Understanding Sessions
    • Begin Session Script
    • Begin Script Completion
    • Initial Connection with Mac
    • Initial Connection with Windows
    • Initial Connection with Server
    • Load Session Script
    • Load Session Test
    • Access Areas
    • Understanding Communication
    • Sample FileMaker QuickSilver File
  • 5
    The R-ead in CRUD
    • The General R-ead Process
    • R-ead Script Part 1
    • R-ead Script Part 2
    • R-ead Script Testing
    • R-ead Script Duplication
    • R-ead Summary
    • Sample QuickSilver FileMaker File
  • 6
    The U-pdate in CRUD
    • The General U-pdate Process
    • U-pdate Script Created
    • U-pdate Script Tested
    • U-pdate Script Duplicated
    • U-pdate Summary and Homework
    • U-pdate QuickSilver Sample FileMaker File
  • 7
    The C-reate in CRUD
    • The General C-reate Process
    • The C-reate Script Created
    • The C-reate Script Tested
    • The C-reate Script Duplicated
    • Create Summary and Homework
    • C-reate QuickSilver Sample FileMaker File
  • 8
    The D-elete in CRUD
    • The General D-elete Process
    • The D-elete Script Created
    • The D-elete Script Completed
    • The D-elete Script Tested
    • D-elete Summary and Homework
    • QuickSilver D-elete Sample FileMaker File
  • 9
    Advanced Strategies
    • Related Records
    • Batching
    • SQL
    • JSON
    • Integration Strategies Part 1
    • Integration Strategies Part 2
    • Advanced Summary and Homework
    • Sample QuickSilver FileMaker File
  • 10
    Thank you, Congratulations and Other Services
    • Congratulations for Finishing the Course!
    • Productive Computing Products and Services


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need to take this course to learn how to use the FM Books Connector Online plug-in?

    No. In fact, many people have learned how to perform integrations between FileMaker and QuickBooks Online using the FM Books Connector Online plug-in just by using our free tools such as the documentation and demo files. However, this course was created to significantly save you time - especially if you've never done anything like this before. This course will track your progress and train you step-by-step, even if this is your first time using a plug-in. There are a great many people who prefer to learn by way of video training versus reading the documentation​ or reverse engineering demo files. We see this method of training as a growing trend on how people prefer (and now expect) to learn.

  • Does this course cover how to migrate an integration from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?

    Yes. There is a section that points out the key highlights of the Migration Guide documentation. If you are familiar with QuickBooks desktop integrations, this may be all that is needed to spot the differences. The primary focus of the course is mastering integration with the online version of the plug-in, whether or not you are familiar with the desktop version.

  • I already know how to u