What You Can Expect

  • Smart Integration

    Learn how to properly integrate FileMaker with QuickBooks Online. Avoid costly mistakes with online training.

  • Crucial Skills

    Develop skills for Mac, Win, and FileMaker Server integrations and learn proper QuickBooks terminology.

  • Efficient Learning

    This course is the most effective and efficient way to learn how to master the FM Books Connector Online plug-in.

Course Overview and Benefits

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Course Curriculum

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  • 1
    Course Overview
  • 3
    Foundational Elements
    • Clear End Result
    • Working With the Documentation
    • Using the QuickBooks Online Documentation
    • Two Methods, Same Result
    • The First Script You Must Have
    • Summary and Homework
    • Sample FileMaker QuickSilver File
  • 4
    Communication with QuickBooks Online
    • Understanding Sessions
    • Begin Session Script
    • Begin Script Completion
    • Initial Connection with Mac
    • Initial Connection with Windows
    • Initial Connection with Server
    • Load Session Script
    • Load Session Test
    • Access Areas
    • Understanding Communication
    • Sample FileMaker QuickSilver File
  • 5
    The R-ead in CRUD
    • The General R-ead Process
    • R-ead Script Part 1
    • R-ead Script Part 2
    • R-ead Script Testing
    • R-ead Script Duplication
    • R-ead Summary
    • Sample QuickSilver FileMaker File
  • 6
    The U-pdate in CRUD
    • The General U-pdate Process
    • U-pdate Script Created
    • U-pdate Script Tested
    • U-pdate Script Duplicated
    • U-pdate Summary and Homework
    • U-pdate QuickSilver Sample FileMaker File
  • 7
    The C-reate in CRUD
    • The General C-reate Process
    • The C-reate Script Created
    • The C-reate Script Tested
    • The C-reate Script Duplicated
    • Create Summary and Homework
    • C-reate QuickSilver Sample FileMaker File
  • 8
    The D-elete in CRUD
    • The General D-elete Process
    • The D-elete Script Created
    • The D-elete Script Completed
    • The D-elete Script Tested
    • D-elete Summary and Homework
    • QuickSilver D-elete Sample FileMaker File
  • 9
    Advanced Strategies
    • Related Records
    • Batching
    • SQL
    • JSON
    • Integration Strategies Part 1
    • Integration Strategies Part 2
    • Advanced Summary and Homework
    • Sample QuickSilver FileMaker File
  • 10
    Thank you, Congratulations and Other Services
    • Congratulations for Finishing the Course!
    • Productive Computing Products and Services


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need to take this course to learn how to use the FM Books Connector Online plug-in?

    No. In fact, many people have learned how to perform integrations between FileMaker and QuickBooks Online using the FM Books Connector Online p