Course Overview and Benefits

When you need customers to read, click, or interact with your messages, texting is the best way to make engagement happen.

Text messaging is useful for so many use cases, including:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Arrival or delivery alerts
  • Mass texting customers 
  • Shipping confirmations

Text message marketing makes it possible to avoid the crowded conditions in your customers’ email inboxes. If you haven’t invested in them yet, solutions like FileMaker and Twilio make it a cinch to get in touch with your audience.

Are you ready to improve your FileMaker development skills even more? Our Connect FileMaker to Twilio course teaches you the ins and outs of sending text messages through FileMaker. 

We’ll walk you through the process of sending both SMS and MMS messages by integrating FileMaker with the powerful Twilio API. This course also provides a free sample file that you can use to jumpstart your own Twilio text message campaigns with FileMaker. 

After completing the course, you’ll know how to: 

  • Set up a Twilio account
  • Configure both a trial and a paid account for text setup
  • “Validate" an existing phone number prior to sending
  • Successfully send SMS and MMS type messages from FileMaker
  • Parse results from sent texts into a log in FileMaker
  • Include images and media in your text messages
  • Optimize messages for length, segmentation, and pricing

If you are new to the process of integrating APIs with FileMaker, you may want to check out our introductory course, API Fundamentals for FileMaker Developers, and our blog post Exploring the Basics of API Integration with FileMaker

Course Curriculum

    1. Configure Your Environment

    2. Create a Twilio Account

    3. Twilio Overview (Website)

    4. Understanding the Trial Account

    5. Create a Twilio Phone Number

    6. Create A Google Voice Phone (optional for testing)

    7. Verify Your "To" Phone Number

    8. Download Sample File

    1. Authentication & Your API Key

    2. Sending Your First SMS Text

    3. Constructing the Request (part 1)

    4. Constructing the Request (part 2)

    5. Send with Paragraph Carriage Returns

    6. Sending MMS Texts (Text with Images)

    7. Using Test Credentials

    1. Characters Count

    2. Opt-Out Management

    3. Reviewing the Logs

    4. Receiving Texts and Web Hooks (Concepts Only)

    1. Congratulations and What's Next?

    2. Other Offerings from Productive Computing

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  • 28 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
  • $299.00 / year

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Course Prerequisites

  1. You have access to a Twilio account (we walk you through the account creation process directly in the course and Twilio provides a non-expiring trial account).
  2. You have a working copy of FileMaker Advanced 19 or above.
  3. You are using Windows or Mac computer OS that is compatible with FileMaker Advanced 19 or above.
  4. Experience with JSON creation and parsing is a plus, but not required.
  5. Experience working with FileMaker and other APIs is a plus, but not required.

Your Instructor

President/CEO/Founder Productive Computing, Inc. Marc Larochelle

Starting in 1991, Marc worked for the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) for 5 years and built the trade show database in FileMaker which tracked 1000 exhibitors and 12 football fields worth of exhibit space. NAMM is one of the world’s largest trade shows and FileMaker was keeping track of everything. While at NAMM, Marc taught computer classes at night helping users with their Macintosh, MS Word, Excel, etc. In addition, he taught music/multimedia classes at local community colleges. Marc Larochelle and his brother Keith started Productive Computing, Inc. (PCI) in 1996. The company, now in its twenty-seventh year, serves customers who use Claris FileMaker and QuickBooks in the areas of custom development, solutions, plug-ins, hosting, and licensing. Marc is certified in FileMaker versions 7 through 19, and he also holds two certifications in AWS (Amazon Web Services). Marc has been to 19 FileMaker DevCon/Engage conferences (18 as an exhibitor) and is considered a prime instructor and influencer within the Claris FileMaker community. 

Connect FileMaker To Twilio

Learn the ins and outs of messaging using FileMaker with Twilio.