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FileMaker offers many options for gathering and storing data (records, lists, fields, and tables) but how do you turn that data into something users can review or analyze? When you convert your data into a chart, you provide the user with a visual tool that allows them to quickly interpret the meaning of the data. 

Charts are a great way to present relevant business information such as sales numbers, customer growth, financial budgets, or employee performance.  

Learn to use FileMaker charts so you can summarize your findings in your FileMaker app with clear and concise dashboards, detailed reports, or compact summaries. 

This course is created specifically for developers needing to demystify the fundamentals of FileMaker charting. We show you how to create and configure all 10 of the different FileMaker charts and demonstrate connecting to the free version of Tableau to provide even more charting options for your solution. The course includes a free unlocked FileMaker sample app and checklist of questions. 

For each chart option, you will learn:

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • The right questions to ask and answer
  • How to create it quickly and effectively
  • Common pitfalls and distractions
  • Mastery of the FileMaker Chart Inspector components

Take your FileMaker app to the next level by mastering the FileMaker charting tools at your fingertips.

Check out our blog post to learn more about FileMaker data and charts.

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Course curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    2. Understand How To See What Is Important

    3. Best Charting Practices Sample App

    1. Line Charts

    2. Area Charts

    3. Column Charts

    4. Stacked Column Charts

    5. Bar Charts

    6. Stacked Bar Charts

    7. Positive and Negative Bar Charts

    8. Pie Charts

    9. Scatter Charts

    10. Bubble Charts

    1. Tableau Overview

    2. Account Setup

    3. Connecting with Tableau

    4. Tableau Demonstration

    1. Best Practices Template

    2. Best Practices Example

    3. FileMaker vs Tableau Example

About this course

  • $99.00 / year
  • 27 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Efficient Comparison of Graph Types

Sarah Bruley

The efficient comparison and summary of the different types of FileMaker Graphs made this course very valuable. It would have taken me a lot of time to compa...

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The efficient comparison and summary of the different types of FileMaker Graphs made this course very valuable. It would have taken me a lot of time to compare and contrast the features in detail as Stuart does in this training!

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  1. You have a working copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced 18 or higher
  2. You have a working server with FileMaker Server 17 or higher installed
  3. You are using a compatible Windows or Mac computer and server
  4. You have a good understanding of FileMaker development and scripting

Your Instructor

Instructional Design Specialist Stuart Hite

Stuart has been developing software for over 30 years, starting long before earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in 1992. For over 14 years, he was the primary in-house FileMaker developer and the top nationwide instructor for a large education organization. He has been featured in hundreds of live and online courses on many different topics. He now gets to combine his passion for teaching and love of software development into one. “I love breaking down complex projects into simple tangible concepts in a fun way. Knowing that the student is going to be able to accomplish so much more in less time after my course brings a lot of fulfillment.” - Stuart Hite, Instructional Design Specialist, Productive Computing, Inc.

FileMaker Charting and Beyond

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