What You Can Expect

  • Gain Knowledge

    Learn how to properly integrate a FileMaker solution with Google applications - Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

  • Expand Skill Set

    Develop valuable skills and learn new technologies that you can market to new and existing clients or users

  • Learn Quickly

    This course is the fastest and most effective way to learn how to master the gManipulator plug-in.

Watch the overview video

Stuart and Marc explain the benefits of the course.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Course Overview
  • 3
    The Foundational Required Elements
    • Google vs G Suite
    • Creating a free Google account
  • 4
    Integrating with Google Contacts
    • Google Contacts Overview
    • Simple Push from FileMaker to Google
    • Folders Terminology
    • Working with Contact Folders
    • Standard Push from FileMaker to Google
    • Push with Types
    • Push a set of Contacts
    • Simple Pull to FileMaker from Google
    • Pull List w/ IDs to FileMaker from Google
    • Pull All Contacts from Google
    • Delete a Google Contact with FileMaker
    • Advanced Applications with Contacts
    • Contact Summary
    • Sample FileMaker File
  • 5
    Integrating with Google Calendar
    • Google Calendar Overview
    • Simple Push from FileMaker to Google Calendar
    • Calendar Folders
    • Standard Push from FileMaker to Google Calendar
    • Simple Pull From Google Calendar to FileMaker
    • Pull ALL From Google Calendar to FileMaker
    • Delete Event
    • Advanced Applications and Summary
    • Sample FileMaker File
  • 6
    Integrating with Google Tasks
    • Google Tasks Overview
    • Simple Push from FileMaker to Google Tasks
    • Task Folders
    • Push, Pull, Delete Tasks
    • Advanced Applications pt 1
    • Advanced Applications pt 2
    • Advanced Applications pt 3
    • Advanced Applications pt 4
    • Google Tasks Summary
    • Sample FileMaker File
  • 7
    Integrating with Google Mail
    • Google Mail Overview
    • Simple Push from FileMaker to Google Mail
    • Folders for Google Mail
    • Push Mail
    • Pull Mail
    • Delete Mail
    • Advanced Applications 1
    • Advanced Applications 2
    • Filtering Functions part 1
    • Filtering Functions part 2
    • Google Mail Summary
    • Sample FileMaker File
  • 8
    Advanced Tips & Putting It All Together
    • Advanced Tips
    • Congratulations for Finishing the Course!
    • Productive Computing Products and Services


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need to take this course to learn how to use the gManipulator plug-in?

    No. You can learn how to perform integrations between FileMaker and Google using the gManipulator plug-in just by using our free tools such as the documentation and demo files. However, this course was created to significantly save you time - especially if you've never done anything like this before. This course will track your progress and train you step-by-step, even if this is your first time using a plug-in. There are a great many people who prefer to learn by way of video training versus reading the documentation​ or reverse engineering demo files. We see this method of training as a growing trend on how people prefer (and now expect) to learn.

  • I just started with FileMaker, will I succeed with this course?

    This course is designed for beginner through advanced FileMaker developers and it's not required that you know anything about plug-ins. We recommend that you know how to work with relationships and scripts before signing up. There are plenty of courses online to learn FileMaker

  • Do I need to purchase the gManipulator plug-in prior to joining this course?

    You could take the course using nothing more than a 30-day demo of the gManipulator. However, it would be far more convenient to use a fully licensed version of the gManipulator. Ultimately, any user who plans on doing Google integrations from their own desktop will need a fully licensed version of the plug-in. Note: the demo expires after 30 days and also becomes disabled after 2 hours of continuous use. You can reset the hourly clock by quitting FileMaker and getting back in.

  • Will this course have updates?

    The course will be an ever-evolving offering that starts with the basics at first and then later, throughout each year, more content will be added.

  • Why is this course a yearly subscription instead of a one-time fee for life?

    This course will be continuously evolving, updating and improving. We realize that some will want to keep their subscription renewed every year for continual reference, new content a